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Yinhe Wind Power Co,. Ltd. (YW) which was established in 2007 is always committed to the development, production, marketing and services of direct drive permanent magnet wind turbines with its high efficiency and reliability by following the current international mainstream technologies and gathering German elite wind turbine design institutes, professional suppliers as well as international technical experts. GX93, the first 2.5MW wind turbine in China, was assembled successfully in early 2009.


YW has been further perfected 2.5MW onshore wind turbine product line, its GX93, GX113 series WT can adapt to corresponding low temperature, plateau, and freezing rain. The derivative improved products can be applied to various domestic and international wind conditions.


YW initiated its 6MW offshore wind turbine (GX153) designing project at the end of 2010.


In the year of 2011, YW has formed marketing and R & D headquarters in Beijing, and build the assembly and production base in Weihai, Shandong Province, Zunyi, Guizhou Province, Beihai, Guangxi Province. Total registered capital is 550 million RMB.




  • 04/2007      YW was incorporated and established.
  • 07/2008       The wind turbine assembly factory of YW was built.
  • 02/2009      The2.5MW direct drive permanent magnet WTGS, GX93 was assembled.
  • 06/2009      The prototype-GX93 connected to grid.
  • 08/2010    The GX93 wind turbine passed the type certification. 
  • 10/2010    Starting up the development of GX153-6MW offshore wind turbine.
  • 12/2010    YW won the bid for Phase1 project of Sige WF in Guizhou with installed capacity 47.5MW.


  • 03/2011     GX93 WTGS passed LVRT test.
  • 01/2012   We have received the letter of award intention for Argentina 1350MW project.
  • 04/2012   YW won the bid of Phase 2 project of Sige WF in Guizhou with capacity 47.5MW
  • 08/2012   GX93 wind turbines of Datang Guiguan Sige PhaseⅠwas connected to grid.
  • 08/2013     the Pototype of GX113 2.5MW wind turbine was assembled.
  • 12/2013     Total 19 GX93 WTs of Datang Guiguan Sige Phase 2 were connected to grid.
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